Colours to the mast

Cover artwork for Colours to the mast by Pedestrian zeroRelease date: 12 February 2017

And so the song a month juggernaut (!) rolled on into 2017. The first song released is a gentle acoustic love song type affair.

I wrote this for some friends, and it all turned out rather well (as far as they’re concerned at any rate). Luckily I’d had a big ol’ conversation about love and life and regret and so on with one of the friends not too long before writing Colours to the mast. This meant I could tailor the lyrics reasonably well to their specific story. Whilst trying to be as generic as possible so that other people could enjoy it, of course.

The aim was for a layered acoustic vibe similar to Damien Rice or David Ford. Given that it was being recorded in a day, we possibly didn’t end up with enough time to do a huge amount of layering, but I think we have 3 or 4 in there. I also got Adam Jarvis from Seeker to do some keys and he landed upon the idea of a glockenspiel, which works really nicely.

Got Cec in to sing the second verse and do some harmonies (I think we can all agree that it gets too boring if it’s all me ho ho). And that was the job done. I’m quite pleased with the results.