Please Intervene

Please intervene, strangeday - coverRelease Date: 27 January 2007

Track listing:

  1. Hide
  2. Punchbowl
  3. Haunted house
  4. Insight
  5. Grace abuse
  6. Back off
  7. Fogpilot
  8. Beautiful
  9. Always you
  10. Not wasted
  11. Give it some
  12. Get me through

The year was 2005/06. Ish. Everyone had moved back to the same place. We had a load of songs sitting around ready to have something done with them. Our friend Paul (another Paul) had bought all of Colin’s gear. We had a studio space (of sorts) which was rent free.

We deemed the time was ripe to do something ambitious. So we decided to record an album. Ourselves.

So we did. We drew up a schedule. We recorded drums in the studio, bass and guitars in a home office, guitars and vocals in bedrooms. We even added keyboards and record scratches. We recorded sixteen songs. Then we chose twelve. Then we spent about two hours coming up with an album title.

We didn’t have much experience, but we stuck microphones on anything and everything. Sometimes putting multiple mics on the same thing. Then we sent the whole lot off to Luke to mix and master.

The whole process took longer than I care to think about. We were constantly saying “it’s coming soon”. And it wasn’t. Then there was the whole thing of making physical copies and planning a launch and so on. But that’s probably all for another post.

I think the best thing to do would be to watch this video. It will answer all of your questions. Actually, it probably won’t. We went to the Poor Old Lu school of lying through your teeth when being interviewed on camera.