Lie to me Baby

Release date: 26 April 2018Cover artwork for Lie to me Baby

This song was inspired by a conversation with my good friend The Jack Lewis. The specifics of why I wanted to write this song in particular elude me, but I apparently decided to write a song about “preferring the lie because it makes you feel more comfortabl. *comfortable.”

As ever, I don’t feel I’m covering ground-breaking new territory here, but I nevertheless am enjoying my own little twist on an old idea.

This was a weekday session and we didn’t have any guests, so we rocked the synth bass here. Paul found a little preset called “Storm Tone” which we loved and dubbed “the sad hoover”. Have a listen to the track, you’ll probably get what we mean. When Paul had finished the initial mix we both felt it was lacking a li’l something so we lobbed it over the fence to my buddy Gareth in Hastings who added the atmospheric keys and finished it up right nice.