Longshore Drift

Release date: 5 February 2013

I used to work in the reprographics department of a school and this one time I had to photocopy a geography worksheet about longshore drift. From around that time I have a hastily scrawled memo in one of my lyrics notebooks saying: “Longshore Drift: Sediments move along a beach shore. Turn that into a song, dumbass.”.

Coming across that note in February 2012, probably around four or five years later, I apparently decided to do just that.

This was the first strangeday song recorded with Aj on guitar. In fact this was the first thing Aj ever did as an official member of the band. I think we made him play in the studio about a week after joining. And he smashed it.

This then became the first new material released in six years. We’ve never been the most prolific of bands.