The Things They Say

Release date: 09 November 2018Artwork for The Things They Say by pedestrian zero - Paper landscape on fire

I went back into the studio around October after a 4 month break due to recording the EP. I was still at a song a month on average. This track was a bit more back to basics. Paul did drums. We didn’t have a bassist, so Paul and I took turns to write synth basslines and then I did the acoustic. Luckily Cec was around to add her lovely voice into the mix. We did some nice “woah-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh”s.

This song grew from a line I had for while before doing something with it: “liar, liar the world’s on fire”. Whilst there’s a lot of debate about what “fake news” constitutes, it seems obvious to me that those with power can tell bare-faced lies and get away with no consequences. This is not a good state of affairs. “They’ll take your breath away the things they’ll say to save their skins”. I’m not one to say that things are getting worse, because I don’t think it’s necessarily true, or even measurable in a meaningful way. I personally think this behaviour has been with us a long time and as long as it continues we’ll be held back. But that’s just me…