Endless Stare

Release date: 02 June 2018.Artwork for Endless Stare by pedestrian zero - pencil drawing of a descending circular staircase (looks a bit like a spiral shell too)

Full disclosure, I was listening to Call Me Malcolm‘s brand new (in 2018, anyway) album, I Was Broken When You Got Here a lot when I wrote Endless Stare. I knew I couldn’t do anything on that level, and I’ve still yet to work up the nerve to try a ska/punk song, but I wanted to try something a bit more electric guitar-y and offbeat (kinda).

We failed to scare up any extra musicians at all for this one (or I forgot to ask anyone, I forget) but that was an increasing state of affairs because of recording midweek. Paul and I can cover everything anyway, it’s just better to get a wider input into the song. We often used these instances to mess about with adding synth to things, which is what we did here. Paul played the bass, and I think we may have added a synth bass too, as well as some synthy top lines (which I don’t think we’d done before).

This song ties into the previous song a little. I said in my write-up for Full Circle that “the coming full circle sounds hopeful here, rather than just coming back around to the same point without having changed” and in Endless Stare this is exactly what I’m writing about. The difference between being on a merry-go-round versus being on a spiral staircase. It might look the same, but we’re moving upwards.