Sea Change

Release date: 28 May 2013

Sea Change is one of the first two songs that strangeday actually wrote collaboratively. The riff was something that Aaron had been throwing around for probably seven or eight years. Writing collaboratively so far has usually meant the others chucking ideas at each other and working out the structure while I sit in a corner and furiously scribble disjointed phrases on folded pieces of A4. Then I start making up melodies that will change a hundred times before recording while Paul and Aaron suggest the melody bits that usually end up being my favourite. At some point in the process Ally will either mishear something or say something that will become the title of the song.

The title in this song was when Ally was taking about the end section where the chord changes to C. He said “C change”, I heard Sea Change. The irony being that we play with the guitars down tuned a semitone, so it was technically a “B change”. But we refer to the standard tuning chord names out of habit. Good thing too, as Bee Change would have been weird.