The never-ending to do list

Hello again. It’s been a while.

Just realised how much there is to catch up with around here. I appear to be in deficit of 9 song’s worth of write-ups. Plus the “recent music” promo isn’t the most recent music.


Ok, a brief catch up then. I do intend to do some work around here tidying and catching up soon, but this little blog post will be in lieu of that for an undetermined while.

The headline is that I have been busy with work, family and study. Unfortunately over the last year-ish, music has taken slightly more of a back seat than I would have hoped. But there’s still stuff on the go. I’m going into the studio at the end of February, I have a few radio appearances and gigs booked in, and I’m weighing up releasing the audio from last year’s NAG Listening Room as a live acoustic EP.

Longer term, I am keen to make a Pedestrian zero album. I’ve started some outline planning, but I need to work out a financial plan, ultimately.

Watch this space, I guess.

Hope you’re all doing well.