So much so much…

Hello I’m back. There’s a bit of a backlog I’m afraid. I’m pretty sure I still owe you photos from two studio sessions, lyrics for the next song, possibly a NAGfest post? And of course it’s getting closer to new music time. Hooray.

Part of the reason for this little backlog is busyness at work. But another reason is that I went to my first Glastonbury last weekend. And what fun it was.

To start with, Jack and myself rode 30ish miles from Bristol on Thursday. This was almost as bad an idea as it sounds, but despite my slight lack of fitness, we made it and it was enormously fun. And it meant we were able to have free hot showers all weekend.

Looking through the schedule trying to compose a list of what we did see, it occurs that we might have not actually got to very much. I have to say, I’d do it the same again if I had another chance. Despite my lack of experience, I’m pretty sure the best thing to do in most situations is enjoy yourself and your company and not worry in the slightest about what you might be missing out on…

So below is the golden list (including everyone we saw however briefly). Don’t ask me to play favourites, I can’t do it. It was a great weekend. Think I missed something great? Think I’m a muppet for seeing all of the headliners? Want to tell me about it in the comments? Tough luck cos I turned them off. Rage away internet!

Bad Sounds
Band of Horses
Bear’s Den
Billy Bragg
Christine and the Queens
Elle King
Emily Capell
Foy Vance
Jeff Lynne’s ELO
Lewis and Leigh
Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir
Of Monsters and Men
The Big Moon
The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians
Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Wildwood Kin
Will Varley


What a week. I think I’d like to talk further about some these things, but being as how I’m also pretty busy this week, it will need to wait a little bit longer. Seemed right to do a brief summary though.

  • First off, on Saturday 21st we were recording dog Tired, which I believe I mentioned. Hoping for release early next week.
  • Next, Wednesday evening was a strangeday practice. The previous practice saw all of us feeling a little tired and kind of lack lustre, but this one was way better. The practice was in preparation for NAGfest. More of which later.
  • Thursday was the last NAG Open Mic. I’ve been running this open mic with Jack for 10 years. It was a really nice evening to end on, and I’m hoping to talk a bit more about that in a post dedicated to the subject.
  • Friday was a Roo’s Radio practice, again for NAGfest. It went on pretty late as we were trying to get the set ready and it had been a long time since we’d played together.
  • Saturday was the first day of NAGfest, a local music festival in its second year. Roo’s Radio were on at 6pm. Our set went really well. Paul, who had also done a lot of the organisation for NAGfest, joined us on drums, and it all felt very comfortable. Despite having not played for a while I think the songs are with us now.
  • Sunday was the second day of the festival, and strangeday were playing at 8pm. This set also went well, although I was struggling a little voice-wise due to a lot of late nights and lots of singing. We played a new song, Long defeat, which possibly went down better than all the other songs.

It was also great to catch a lot of great bands and friends at NAGfest. Jack, Ant, Steve, 3dBs Down, Ab and the Underclass, No Limit Street Band, Sam, Aaron, Hog Roast, One Day Elliott and Beer Pressure were all very cool.