Lyrics – All the stars I have given

Good afternoon to you. Or evening/morning/mid-morning/dead-of-night, depending on when you manage to read this. But it’s afternoon in the here and now for me.

Before telling you about the next song coming up, I will, as is customary, give you a bit of a heads up as to where I am with everything. This song, All the stars I have given is mastered and ready to go. Just waiting on artwork and also leaving a little gap after Holding Out Hope. Recording is also finished for the next song, Jump Cut, which is currently being mixed. Once again, you can see, I’m a bit behind with studio journals and so on. Ah well. We’ll get there eventually no doubt.

Anyway, to business. This was quite a fun little exercise in pressure. I didn’t really have anything I fancied doing when it came to recording number 10. I also wanted some saxophone on the track, and none of the tracks I had quite fit. So I wrote one. All told, it was 13 days from the song being written to receiving the final master. Fun. I’ll talk more about it when I release it.

This is a little love song basically. Here’s the lyrics:

All the stars I have given
Well lately I have taken to throwing caution to the wind
And if they had not told me I wouldn’t know where to begin
See over and over again I’ve had my moments
And I’m trying not to let me get the better of myself

And if it’s all the same to you then I’ll just keep right on
And if it’s all the same to you I’m not too far gone

It’s when I realise I don’t care if you say anything
I know I’m further on than I possibly ever have been
And if it takes everything and if it takes all day
Then honestly it’s still a pleasure doing business with you

And if I cannot be the person I imagined I would be
Can I at least be a little more than me

Oberland released. Finally!

Hurray it’s here!

Check out the following:

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*me wittering, mostly.

Studio day – Oberland

Instead of having a constant problem with tenses like last time, I’m writing this report/diary/meandering mess after the studio day. It makes it easier.

The second song of the year is in the bag. Recording wise. Release will be at some point in the next couple of weeks. This is probably the shortest write to release time I have ever been involved with. Although having said that, Cec had the idea for the song years ago and has been toying with it since. Do we count that? I don’t think we will.

We kicked off at Awesome Source at 9am on a Sunday morning. I’d been in earlier in the week to record a guitar scratch track. Due to a lack of Ally for this session, Paul had also built a synth bass backing track.

We’d decided on three different guitar tracks, and subsequently three different guitars. The first was the main strummed chords, which was easy enough and we got it done in around 30 minutes.

The second was a little trickier. I’d written (ish) a picked part, and Paul suggested we borrow a classical guitar – which we did, from a good friend, Pete. I actually first learnt to play on a classical guitar, but it’s been a while, so I was fairly rusty and it took a while. The part’s going to need some editing to get it into shape. In an ideal world we’d get it right, but unfortunately time and money are against us. Perhaps we’ll look at that in more detail another time.

Third guitar was mainly to add a little extra texture to the choruses. A nice little CAPO 5 part.

Then we were off on the vocals. Cec is singing the main vocal, and she got her part down beautifully before lunch. Claire and I followed suit after lunch, and we were all done by around half four, which felt really good. Almost feels as if we’re getting the hang of this recording nonsense.

Even without editing and mixing, the song is sounding great. I’m very keen to get this into your earholes. In the meantime, enjoy this video of seven and a half hours condensed into one minute:


It’s a recording week. Huzzah! This month we’re heading in to Awesome Source to record a new Roo’s Radio song which is called Oberland. We have our last practice/writing session this evening.

This song is a first for us as Cec wrote the chorus and then we finished the rest as a band with Cec providing the direction and tone of the song as a whole. I’m pretty impressed with how it’s sounding pre-recording. It’s going to sound even better with multiple guitars and bass and Paul’s magic touch.

The subject matter is a little tricky to explain without it sounding too bleak. It’s based on our interpretation of a true story about a couple staying together in their home in the face of avalanche warnings, which sadly resulted in their death.

Cec’s intention was a positive song, however, and I think it feels positive. I guess there is a certain Romeo and Juliet vibe to it, but it’s about love and certainty and there’s a romance to it that overcomes the sadder aspects.

Anyway, as with other recordings, can’t wait to get this one out to you, so how’s about making do with the lyrics for now?

They’re saying we need to leave
Like they said we might so long ago
Remember walking through this door
Remember wanting nothing more
Hold me close and then…

Just let it snow
Let it snow
Just let it snow
My love
For there’s nowhere else that we could ever know
My love

Looking out upon our hill
Looking at the life we built
Where everything is beautiful
My darling you’re so beautiful
Just one more kiss goodnight

Just let it snow
Let it snow
Just let it snow
My love
For there’s nowhere else that we could ever know
My love

They’ll never understand
There’s nothing more than this to us
This hill
This home
This love

I think I hear the future and
I think it’s time to take my hand
Forever in your arms

Just let it snow
Let it snow
Just let it snow
My love
For there’s nowhere else that we could ever know
My love
My home